Under its by-laws, the C.M.G.A. employs an Executive Board structure to manage its affairs.

The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, a five member Advisory Committee

and a Tournament Chairman comprises the Board.


Following are members for 2017:


President; Jack Costello 770-536-1591

Vice President; Geoff Derryberry 479-426-5035

Treasurer and Tournament Chairman; Gene Weschler 770-535-2782

Secretary; Jim Carroll 770-540-8472

Committee Member; Roy Bartlett `19    404-312-4832    

Committee Member; Mike Adams `19   615-974-8248

Committee Member; Karl Goellner `17  706-867-0928

Committee Member; Chuck Keith `17     678-677-6941

Committee Member; Scott Adams `19   770-617-9443