C. M. G. A. Rules

Wednesday Play (rev. 11/18/06)


A new member playing for the first time will play with his established handicap. If he does not have an established handicap, he will be taken at his word as to what score he typically shoots. Until a new member has played five rounds and has established a USGA handicap, his handicap will be readjusted on each successive round played until he has five.

All current members will use their current USGA handicaps.

A points system based on the Stableford model may be used in Wednesday competitions, modified as necessary by the Tournament Chairman. This system uses a quota for points and is scored on the player's GROSS score on each hole as follows:

One over par  =  1 point       Two under par  = 4 points
Par  = 2 points                Three under par  =  5 points                    
One under par  = 3 points      Four under par  = 6 points

A points system without quota may be used in Wednesday competitions. Point values will be earned on the players' NET score on each hole as follows:

Two or more over par = minus 1 point      Two under par = plus 3 points
One over par  =  zero points              Three under par  =  plus 4 points
Par  = plus 1 point                       Four under par  = plus  5 points
One under par  = plus 2 points 


In team games, when one or more players in a team fail to finish the designated round, the following rules apply:
         (1) Remaining team members will be eligible to compete for the day's prizes if at least two of its starting members complete the designated round.
         (2) A random draw will provide any necessary score to meet the minimum number needed (i.e. the third score in a 3 best ball match).
         (3) Any single team member, left without playing partners, will be ineligible for the day's prizes and will have his entry fee refunded.
         (4) In the instance when all members of a single team fail to finish the round, the last person acting as scorekeeper for the group is implored to turn in the team's scorecard to the pro shop so the tournament scorer will know the team will not turn in a score. {para. added 10/15/2014 per Committee}

(rev. 2/8/2017)

USGA rules will apply at all times with the following exceptions/additions:

Summer: Approximately April 1 through October 31. Play the ball down entire golf course when the course is green and the Bermuda grass is not dormant. Exceptions: If the course has been aerated or has areas under construction, etc., the President and Wednesday Golf Chairman can declare winter rules, which will be announced by the starter before the game begins. In any case, areas of the course that have NO grass may be played as "ground under repair" whether marked as such or not. Player is entitled to relief under the rules.

Winter: Approximately November 1 through March 31, when the Bermuda grass is dormant. The player will be allowed to move the ball the length of a Chattahoochee scorecard (approx. 1 foot), no closer to the hole thru the green. Under this rule, a player may lift, clean and place the ball. Exceptions will be noted on the scorecard.

Until Further Notice: Any player whose ball comes to rest in a “footprint” in a bunker may, without penalty, lift his ball, rake the print and replace his ball as near to the spot from which it was lifted as possible. If the ball has indented the sand in the “footprint” (ie, “fried egg”, “plugged”, etc.), the ball, when replaced after smoothing the “footprint”, must be pushed into the sand the approximate same amount as before it was lifted. The ball may NOT be cleaned in the process of lifting and replacing. The members of the player's group shall be advised of the need for the above action and will serve as the final authority for the action. {para. added 07/11/2012 per Committee}

Association Tournament Play (rev. 10/16/2005)


All players must be CMGA members with established USGA handicaps. All players must play at assigned times with members of their flight.


Open to members and guests with established USGA handicaps.

Players who cannot authenticate their handicap will be allowed to play only after their handicap is reviewed by the Tournament Chairman. All players must play at assigned times.

The point system without quota shall be based on scoring point values as described under "Wednesday Play" above.

Ties will be broken utilizing the scorecards starting at hole 18 and going backward. Decisions of the tournament chairman are final.

CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS (revised 05/10/2015)

Article 1. NAME

The name of this organization shall be the Chattahoochee Men’s Golf Association, hereinafter referred to as CMGA. The CMGA is a golf league with regularly scheduled competition at the Chattahoochee Golf Course in Gainesville, GA.

Article 2. PURPOSE

The purpose of the CMGA is to increase the skills, knowledge, respect for and enjoyment of the game of golf by means of planning, organizing and directing regularly scheduled golf competitions and related social activities for members.


Membership is open to any male amateur golfer, without regard to age, contingent upon his payment of annual dues and enrollment in the GHIN (Golf Handicap and Information Network) handicap system. There shall be permitted one non-dues membership category at the discretion of the President, that of former members of the organization who wish to continue participation in the social activities of the CMGA upon their retirement from the game. This category shall not be eligible to vote.


The CMGA issues no stock or other ownership authority nor does it have paid employees. Membership therein does not convey to the member any personal or private interest in the organization. No pecuniary interest is derived by virtue of a membership. Each member has 1 vote per general membership ballot.

The CMGA shall be governed by a Board of Directors, elected by the general membership. The Board shall consist of the CMGA President, CMGA Vice President, CMGA Secretary and CMGA Treasurer. The President shall serve concurrently as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. This Board, along with the CMGA Tournament Chairman and an Advisory Committee of up to five members will constitute the Executive Board which, under these bylaws, shall be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the CMGA.


A. President:  The President shall oversee the entire CMGA operation and shall have final authority in any administrative matter. He shall preside over all Executive Board meetings. He shall assure that all other Board members perform their specific duties. He may appoint up to five CMGA members to serve on the Advisory Committee. He shall be authorized to sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer. His term of office is one year. He may not succeed himself.

B. Vice President: The Vice President shall assist the President in all administrative duties. He shall preside at all meetings in the absence or incapacity of the President. He shall perform the duties of the President should the President be unable to serve. His term of office is one year. He may not succeed himself.

C. Secretary: The Secretary shall establish and maintain all records pertaining to membership and communication. He shall record and publish minutes of all meetings involving the Executive Board. His term of office is one year. He may succeed himself.

D. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall maintain all organization funds in the CMGA bank account. He shall pay the bills of the CMGA. He is responsible for accounting for the source and application of CMGA funds. He shall submit a quarterly report of income and expenses to all members of the Executive Board. His term of office is one year. He may succeed himself.

E. Tournament Chairman: The tournament chairman shall organize each game, prepare scorecards, determine winners, calculate and distribute prizes and post scores. He serves permanently at the pleasure of the current President.

F. Advisory Committee: Advisory Committee members are appointed by the President to serve at the pleasure of the President, a term of up to three years. It is the responsibility of each member to give advice and points-of-view to the President as necessary and to serve in other matters according to the needs of the President. He may succeed himself.


The Board of Directors shall annually determine a slate of candidates for nomination for offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Vice-President elected and serving in any year shall be the Board's candidate for President for the next year. All CMGA members shall be informed in writing, no later than fourteen days before the annual meeting, of the Board's nominees for the coming year. Any member desiring to submit his own nomination for different candidate(s) must present the names of his candidate(s) in writing to the Board of Directors not later than three days prior to the date of the annual meeting. The election of officers for the upcoming year shall be conducted no later than December 31 of each year. Upon the unscheduled vacancy of the office of the President, the Vice-President shall succeed. Upon the unscheduled vacancy of the office of the Vice-President, the Secretary or the Treasurer, an appointment for the remainder of the normal term shall be made by the President.


The dues for membership and tournament entry fees shall be determined as needed by the Executive Board and reviewed annually dependent upon financial status of the organization.

Article 8. MEETINGS

There shall be at least one scheduled meeting of the CMGA membership each year. Other meetings of the general membership or the Executive Board will be called by the President on an as-needed basis.

Article 9. VOTING

Any proposed change in these bylaws must be approved by a majority vote of the general membership. With the exception of the annual election of the Board of Directors, voting issues to be decided by the general membership may be conducted via USPS mail or by email. For these issues, ballots must be in the hands of members not less than ten days before the ballot return is due.


Upon dissolution of this not-for-profit Corporation, all assets shall be donated to one or more appropriate 501(c)(3) organization(s) within the local area or to a local government for a public purpose.